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Here at Cantagua we’re committed to implementing new safety measures to keep that pesky COVID 19 at bay.

We’re practicing safe distancing across the hostel to align with Spain’s health authorities. So, to guarantee your safe space bubble, whether you’re in our dorms, bathrooms, reception or kitchen we’ve implemented the following:


  • The option of online payment.

  • Hand sanitier stations at every entrance along with disinfectant mats for footwear for all your disinfectant needs. Face masks are also available if needed.

  • There’s continuous ventilation of common areas and rooms. 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the hostel is regular, with special attention in areas of common use and bathrooms. 

  • Telephone numbers for health entities are provided and our entire team are here to assist should any health concerns arise. 




  • We disinfect each cubicle, including all surfaces, curtains & mattresses after use. Bedding is provided in a sterile personalised bag. 

  • In every bathroom attention is paid to the regular disinfection of the space & further cleaning products are available for you if needed.​


We understand the world is an uncertain & challenging place at the moment but for those looking for an adventure, big or small, our doors are open!


As an initiative to help us stay strong in the face of adversity we are offering gift cards. These will be redeemable for any Cantagua Hostel service. So, if you’re in a position to help us today it will be in exchange for our service tomorrow. Thankyou

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